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Vendor/Customer Information

Gooding Farmers Market Rules and Regs

Have some questions? These might help. Includes mission, goals, Times and Location, partcipation rules and regs.

Gooding Farmers Market Application

Want to join the Gooding Farmers Market. Click to get the application and get started!!!

Gooding Farmers Market Bylaws

All the ins and outs of Gooding Farmers Market.

Tax Information for Vendors

The state of Idaho requires that vendors collect 6% of sales for the Idaho sales tax. You, as a vendor, are responsible for collecting and reporting. The Market is required to provide the actions so you can do that. The following is the step by step instructions once you are in the Idaho Tap website (make sure you have an account) 

EVERYONE that participates in the Market must register whether you have a permanent or need a temporary sales tax permit.

May 28th through Aug 27th: 885129216

Sept 3rd through Oct 8th: 378667008

Have ALL your event PARTICIPANTS do the following:

  1. Go to and under “Sellers and Promoters” click “Register as a Temporary Seller or Promoter.”

  2. Choose “Seller WITH Event ID” > “Next”

  3. Choose “I am going to an event” > “Next”

  4. Enter the Event ID > “Next”

  5. Enter your Seller Information > “Next”

  6. Choose Purpose: “I am not making taxable sales,” “I have a regular permit” or “I need a temporary permit.” > “Next”

  7. Review your entry > “Submit”

  8. Check your email account for further instructions or attached Temporary Sellers Permit (if applicable).

YES, all participants need to register but NO, Regular Sales & Use Tax holders do NOT need a Temp Permit.

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